Posted April 17, 2016

Ahhh, we live for this time of year!  Come Friday evening, we throw on our favorite Bops tee, some of our new flip flops, and head outside.  You see, Louisiana doesn’t have the lovely weather that all those West Coast folks have all year.  We have long + hot summers, followed by a short Fall.  Someone told us the other day, “Without the rainy days, or hundred-degree days, we wouldn’t be nearly as thankful for the days like this weekend has held,”  How true.

IMG_2258 (1) copy

I mean, doesn’t everyone feed the farm animals while sporting all their favorite arm candy?  We surely do.

IMG_1942 copy

Oh would you look at the time?  It seems like we’re overdue for some front porch rocking while sipping on a glass of sweet tea.  Care to join us?

IMG_2227 copy

And then there were the CHICKENS.  In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all chicken-obsessed around these parts.  Guess who will be tossing a friend egg on their salad tonight?

We hope your weekend has been something magical!

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